Coming Soon:

The Bremen Town Musicians

       We've always loved the tale of 'The Bremen Town Musicians', and so this will be the next picture book from Susan and Andrew.


      The story was originally collected in Germany by the Brothers Grimm in the 1820's but we have freely adapted it.


      It tells of four unhappy creatures, a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cockerel, who are thrown out of their homes by cruel masters.


      They despair but, bouyed up by the optimism of the donkey, they decide to travel to Bremen, a town famous for music, to make careers as musicians. Well, they all have such fabulous singing voices!


       It's a story full of hope as, together, they face danger and hardship and win through to a happy ending.


As always, we're enjoying the making of this book enormously as we try different ways of telling the story.


The dog ho-oooo-owls and his howl weaves across the page. Little doors open, and odd characters stick their heads out to put in their twopennorth.


Watch this space for more news!